The agreement with Louisville-based Teamsters Local 2727 provides for annual wage increases after more than four years of negotiations and preserves employee-free health care. The Teamsters said the agreement offers “dramatic” pay increases for all mechanics and associate employees, including an immediate 16% pay increase and 3% increase in each “which results in a 30.7% increase in wages at current rates until the end of the contract.” In addition, pension contributions and other UPS benefits will be increased. After the last agreement expired at the end of 2013, workers continued to work under the terms of the last agreement, as is the case in collective bargaining. “UPS aircraft mechanics have been away for years without an increase and we have been sufficiently concerned about the future of our medical care,” said aircraft engineer Jack Chatburn, who served on the negotiating committee. “We are very keen to share the details of this quality agreement with our members and families, who are now receiving the best wages and health care we have fought for. We believe that the treaty will be ratified quickly.¬†Aeronautical mechanics, represented by Teamsters Local 2727, have aggressively accused the shipping giant over the past two years of fighting over a new deal. They picked up Amazon deposits in the area and also protested outside the home of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell after the Trump administration resigned. Mechanics now receive about $50 an hour. UPS spokesman Mike Mangeot said the parties had “negotiated a generous agreement that maintained industry-leading salaries and benefits and provided our aircraft mechanics with excellent revenue security.” The negotiations, which began in October 2013, involve some 1,300 employees, including about 550 in Louisville, and play a central role in the operation of one of the company`s North American hubs, where it employs about 21,000 people. Mechanics inspect aircraft to ensure they take off and land safely. Before the union and the company reached an interim agreement, a Louisville mechanic told Insider that the lengthy negotiations had taken him. The union said the new wages and benefits are more than those for the mechanics of FedEx and all the other major U.S. airlines.

The pact “puts a new bar for aviation mechanics in the U.S. aviation industry, with higher wage rates and benefits than FedEx and all other major U.S. airlines,” the union said in a statement earlier Tuesday. “After the ratification of the new treaty, the 2,727 local members will become by far the highest-paid aviation mechanics in the country.” The union, which represents 1,300 UPS and related aircraft mechanics, said it had reached an agreement that includes a 16 percent pay increase. (LOUISVILLE, Ky.) – After more than three and a half years of refusing to accept a new contract with aircraft mechanics and related classifications, the mechanics on Wednesday asked the National Mediation Board (NMB) to release them from negotiated negotiations with the company. UPS mechanics rejected a new contract proposal and relegated business and union leaders to the negotiating table they have been at for five years. The leaders of the union ups for aeronautical mechanics declare victory in the guarantee of a new interim contract which they believe will bring the best wages and benefits of the country.