In general, your landlord holds a clear advantage over you during negotiations for the land lease agreement. This is because you likely only understand your business operations, while your landlord possesses knowledge about real estate matters. However, it’s crucial to address this imbalance to ensure you can focus on your business and achieve success. Instead of tackling this alone, consider seeking assistance from a consultant specializing in commercial lease negotiation. With a skilled consultant on your side, you may potentially save thousands of dollars in rent that would have otherwise been paid without negotiation.

It’s essential to understand why negotiation of the land lease agreement is necessary. Economic conditions today differ from those of the past, requiring lease terms to reflect current realities and market valuations. However, you may lack the time and experience to renegotiate the rental terms for your current location. Conversely, a consultant can secure mid-term rent reductions with relative ease, indirectly boosting cash profits from existing operational facilities.

When choosing between a consultant and a real estate attorney, opting for the former is preferable for several reasons. A real estate attorney tends to be costly and may demand a significant fee. In contrast, a consultant often works on a fixed-fee basis for negotiating land lease agreements at new locations. Additionally, consultants can identify potential problems and minimize risks, tasks typically not performed by attorneys.

It’s important to approach a consultant rather than a real estate broker, as brokers may prioritize earning a commission over representing your interests effectively. Lastly, ensure the consultant you choose has relevant experience and credentials. This ensures you’re working with the right consultant capable of providing valuable assistance when needed.