Funding is provided by Shawbrook Bank Limited, which is authorized by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by financial conduct. Shawbrook Bank Limited will treat any credit contract obtained by our introduction as regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and will provide you with protection with respect to agreements governed by this Act. For more information, see: A temperamental credit for consumers, available for the products identified. Funding is made at the basket/order volume level and includes accessories, VAT and shipping. It takes 5 minutes to complete a credit application and you will have a decision in 30 seconds. Shawbrook Bank is an experienced personal credit team. You are a responsible lender and you will check if you can afford the loan before entering into a deal. This includes a detailed review of your revenues and expenses. The demand for installment credit is similar to that of a new credit card. The data you provide will be cross-referenced with public records such as credit rating agencies.B.

To increase the chances of acceptance, ideally, you have a good credit history (no late payments, ccjs etc.) and meet the following minimum criteria: Horrible fraudulent enterprise!! Shawbrooks sold my credit (as I think they did many others) while they were in financial trouble. However, they did not send my last payment to the new company, I provided proof that the payment had been made, but it seems that this had an impact on my credit score! Shawbrooks won`t talk to me because I`m no longer a client. Don`t use this company! I`m going to contact the financial ombudsman! If part of your Shawbrook Financed Order is returned or if a refund or rebate is granted after your credit application is approved, there will be: – eFinance Client will process your application – The maximum reduction is 15% of the original loan amount; If the reduction is significant, then 15% of a new financing agreement is required or you can enter into alternative payment agreements and cancel the initial loan. – the remaining amount of the loan must not be less than USD 250; If the remaining amount of the loan is less than $250, the initial loan must be cancelled and other payment terms are required buy SmoothSkin Muse and pay it for 12 months with an interest-free loan. Woodley can be quite confident that his credit transactions will go through the credit committee, not least because he wrote Shawbrook`s credit policy, with a decision in principle within three days. The gears may be higher, but the responses are faster and customer relationships closer. I have what my account paid $2300 as my interest-free period at the end of November. Obviously in the current pandemic has suffered my work . Anyway, I contact TRIED by phone or email to pay my account and with my credit card, which offers an interest-free period of 20 months that I can pay without financial problems. I`ve been in touch with the so-called Shawbrook Rep, which is actually CHUCKLE, so I haven`t been able to pay by credit card is amazing Apparently I can`t do this the urge to wire or pay with my credit card.

I am scheduled to return to work i 3 weeks so the Nov deadline will be missed, as I paid next month. Stay away from this bank. Phone number 0345 850 9961 Opening times: Monday to Friday 9am-9pm Saturday 9am-5pm Sunday Closed 9am – 5pm (no Christmas, Easter and Boxing Day) No deposit required. You are able to finance your entire purchase.