In entering into a grant agreement with the Commonwealth of Australia, an organization may be invited to review its corporate status to determine its legal capacity to enter into a legally binding agreement. This may include a request for documentation, including proof of the name change. If some sites are an activity requirement, this is shown in the application pack for each funding cycle. In order to make the application process as simple as possible for applicants, the application forms have been designed for the processing of applications. The forms allow for online transmission to avoid the complexity, cost and extra time associated with a paper application process. The forms contain instructions on where specific formatting is possible or where content can be stored locally and shared by multiple users before being forwarded to DSS. This feature has been built in to help organizations that may need multiple people to contribute to a request for help. While DSS strives to provide information and support to organizations, it is the responsibility of organizations seeking DSS grants to keep adle for additional information published throughout the application period. All organizations are invited to visit the site regularly. One might think that if a limited stock is available, a performance fee will create a temptation (and I say no stronger than that) for the manager to allocate the portfolio to funds subject to performance fees, unlike those that are not. In practice, the compliance officer for UK fund managers would “stamp” such behaviour.

Are there geographic limits on funding applications? For example, when an organization requests funding, does it have to provide that service to a region, city or suburb? DSS will only provide grants with individual organizations. If two or more organizations apply for funding as a consortium, a member organization must be designated as a management. The lead member must submit the application and is the corporation that, if successful, enters into the grant agreement with the Commonwealth and is empowered to negotiate and act on behalf of the Commonwealth and to engage each member of the consortium. Service Delivery Consortium or subcontractor must be included in the grant agreement and included in the application file. Who is the “customer” related to the program? For example, my organization receives grants, but we use it to then fund national and local federations, to help local communities support the target audience. Each application is evaluated against the merits of the relevant selection criteria, to ensure that organizations are able to achieve all the objectives of a given activity, including, if necessary, taking into account the needs of each site. It is possible, if the application is deemed appropriate to achieve the activity objectives, that the amount of funding, the years funded and the service sites are negotiated with the successful candidate during the process of negotiating the grant agreement to ensure an overall price outcome. While some managers only work on a performance-related fee, others are less enthusiastic. Information on open funding cycles can be found on the grants page. When entering into a new discretion agreement for the management of funds, the most important question is whether the Fund is able to conclude the agreement and, in particular, to transfer investment powers, compensation, etc.