If the House has convicted a person, one of the grounds under Subsection 1, it may issue an order imposing one or more of the following sanctions: A registered first responder must meet the qualifications defined by the House: 2. type of practice, training place, including primary and satellite sites; and health care providers should monitor these bills. If they become law and health care providers are considering being associated with these newly approved agreements, the right arrangements must be developed and the legal and legal authorities respected. Health care providers should exercise caution and caution in managing risks, as is the case with the first extension of areas of practice. The Nurse Practice Act of Florida contains Part I of the Practice of Work Act (see 464.001-464.027) [Flsenate.gov, 2017] and Part II Certified Nursing Assistants (see 464.201-464.208). Section 464.002 ensures that minimum safety requirements are met, specifying that they fall within the minimum jurisdiction or where there is a risk to the public that care will not be performed in the State of Florida. [Flsenate.gov, 2017] Section 464.003 contains some legal definitions relating to the Practice of Care Act and the terminology used. [Floridalegislature, 2018] registered nurses after July 1, 2006 and all registered nurses, certified midwives and psychiatric nurses must provide documentation of national certification by a national nursing commission which, subsection 64B9-4.002 (2), F.A.C. or certification documentation, complies with the requirements of subsection 64B9-4.002 (3), F.A.C. by submitting one of the following mentions : the board may, at the request of a certificate holder, exempt the holder from the certificate of withdrawal from the section 435 job and issue an exemption letter. The board must notify an applicant who is applying for an exemption from certification or employment approval of his decision to approve or refuse the application within thirty days of the date on which the board receives all the necessary documents.

[leg.state.fl.us, 2018] Laws are passed in a dynamic manner, amended and enacted in case of legislative necessity.