Some councils also require that other HMOs be laid off, even if the property is smaller or is rented to fewer people. When deciding whether to grant a licence, the City Council will check whether the property meets an acceptable standard, for example. B if the property is large enough for residents and well managed. It can also check whether the owner is a fit and proper person. For more information, please see Selective Licenses. Failure to comply with the terms of a multi-occupancy home license may lead the local authority to revoke your HMO licence. That you are “fit and fair” to have a driver`s license (i.e. no criminal convictions for fraud or theft). If the Commission is unable to grant the authorization of an HMO, it must then take over the management of the property until the circumstances change and it can be dismissed.

There are specific rules that apply when a board takes over the management of an HMO. No no. Landlords cannot evict existing tenants to avoid licensing. Any attempt to remove a tenant from a property that should, but is not, may be considered a crime under the Protection from Eviction Act of 1977, and the landlord or any other party may be prosecuted. The Deregulation Act of 2015 also amended the law, so that a valid termination cannot be used to terminate a lease if the property is to be granted, but not for the time being. If an owner or administration administers that an HMO is occupied by more people/households than it is licensed, they commit a criminal offence, unless there is a reasonable apology and the fines are unlimited. If the offence is serious or permanent, the certificate may be revoked in its entireee. If the Commission revokes a licence, it must take over the management of HMO. Most landlords prefer a separate lease with each tenant.

As part of a rent repayment order, landlords may be required to reimburse a tenant, within 12 months, all rents collected or money from a residence, within the 12-month limit. The lease itself is not affected if the lessor has not applied for or obtained HMO authorization, although the Commission may take over the management of the property as a different method of execution. If the property is a large HMO, the owner must obtain permission from the city council. A large HMO meets the above requirements. These minimum setting space sizes apply to applications for HMO licenses, but local authorities may choose to apply larger space size standards. However, local authorities are not in a position to define a standard space size below national standards. Even if your property is rented to less than five tenants from different families, you may need an HMO license.